Four choirs converge in Louisville, KY, to learn from each others' histories and cultures, while raising their many voices into one single voice for peace. Combining Contact Theory and the power of music, a single concert became a life-changing event.


University of Puerto Rico - Arecibo, PR

Traveling almost 3,000 miles to contribute their voices, the singers of the University of Puerto Rico have been struggling with the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and Maria. Many have been displaced from their homes or are still waiting for electricity. During these hard times, it is the connection and power that they create with music and fuels them to push forward. 


Cypress Creek High School - Orlando, FL

The Cypress Creek High School Varsity Choir embrace their city surrounded by theme parks, wildlife, and the multi-cultural communities of Orlando, FL. The music they create when they lift their voices, has facilitated a family atmostpher for an ever-diverse mix of students that are excited to create lasting relationships with the members of the other participating choirs.

St. Stephens Baptist Church - Louisville, KY

Located in the heart of downtown Louisville, KY, the St. Stephens Baptist Church & Choir has a rich history within the city's community for creating beautiful music and transforming the once struggling west-end neighborhood into a safe space for fellowship and creativity. "Music can heal wounds you didn't even know were there".


Spencer County High School - Taylorsville, KY

The choir students of the Taylorsville, KY school live a big life in a small, rural town. Many students live on family farms, with a close-knit community where everyone knows everyone. With the guidance of their choral director, Kelsi Shipley, the Spencer County students are able to make music that shapes their lives and give them opportunities to explore the world beyond their small town.