We’re in the last few hours of prepping for the launch of our Kickstarter fundraising campaign. 

As you may know, despite the overwhelming reception and support for AV4P, we’re still short on the funds needed to cover production costs for the film. 

Which is why we need this Kickstarter campaign to be a success ... a HUGE SUCCESS! 

We’ve got 21 days to raise $9,000 to cover expenses for the film. And if we don’t hit that goal, we don’t get any of it - not a single dime.

Which is why we need your help to make this happen! 

Now you’ve been with us from the very beginning of the project. You’re a small but passionate group of AV4P supporters, I can tell! So we’re asking you to share the heck out of this Kickstarter campaign for us once we launch, and if you’re able, make a pledge ... we’ve got some great rewards for our backers.

But since you’ve been with us from the very beginning, as one of the first people to support the project, we here at AV4P wanted to do something special for you.

Just for being awesome (and for being one of our first subscribers), you're invited to the screening of the finished AVoice4Peace documentary in Tallahassee, FL this fall.

Now obviously, we can’t cover your travel expenses, accommodations, or a per diem if you’re making the trip from somewhere else. But if you do get to Tallahassee somehow, we want you to know that you’ll have a seat saved for you at our screening this fall.

So if you subscribed to receive AVoice4Peace updates by 12pm EST on Friday, July 22, 2016, we'll send you one (1) ticket to the screening in Tallahassee. We've already got your contact info, so be on the lookout in the coming months for an email with your ticket.

So from the bottom of our hearts here at AV4P thank you for your support.

Start stretching out those fingers - you'll need them for sharing once we launch the Kickstarter.