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So here’s a quick story that I want to share. 

Just seconds after we launched the Kickstarter, we received a call from T.J. Harper, Director of the American Choral Directors Association’s International Conductors Exchange Program (ICEP). 

T.J. enthusiastically shared with us the overwhelming support and interest that his colleagues have had for AVoice4Peace. In his travels to Korea, China, Argentina, and elsewhere, he’s been spreading the word about the project and the film (and has been generating quite the buzz on social media too).

Bottom line is that people are starting to talk about AVoice4Peace. A lot of people. 

From all over the world too! Just last week, we received a call from a choir in Washington state that was already hosting a recording event (you can register your event here, by the way). We've even been approached about doing our first international writeup with an organization in Europe.

What began a few weeks ago as a Facebook page and an idea, has blossomed into a movement.

It’s okay to be excited, you should be! You should even feel a bit proud of yourselves - WE COULDN’T HAVE MADE IT THIS FAR WITHOUT YOU!

But here’s a reality that we’ve got to face. There is no recourse if we don’t fund this Kickstarter; no plan B, and no other option but success. We’ve done an amazing job thus far getting people talking and thinking about peace, but if we don’t succeed in the next 21 days, this film will be nothing more than an idea we once shared.

I love a good quote, and no other progression of perfectly simple words can best describe our situation than this one by Eleanor Roosevelt:

It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.

For us, it wasn’t enough to talk about peace. We believed we could make a film about it. But now, it isn’t enough to believe in a film about peace. We must work at making a film about peace.

I hope that this post, and these words, find meaning for you tonight, and I am confident that you’ll find a way to support AVoice4Peace, no matter what form that may take. 

We've done a lot of great work; and we're only just getting started.

Again, a sincerest thanks from all of us here at Avoice4Peace. We wouldn’t be here without you!

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